Cell phones are the world’s most popular device among the users who like to have access to internet, live video calls, read and send messages, capture images and videos, send or receive important emails, download and install various apps, finding any sort of information on the internet or to check their bank account balance. Only in the USA, 90% of the adults own a cell phone to access the services discussed above. Statistics vary from country to country but the countries having significantly large amount of population have considerably greater ratio of cellular phone users as this device more likely suits all their needs in a compact environment.

Cellular phones in the modern era have played a great role in the advancement in medicinal field also. In today’s world Bluetooth protocol of cellular phones is being utilized for building a generic and the most importantly a real time tele-medicine aid system making use of high frequency for the healing process of a patient.

We also see people using cell phones for researching and hiring a carpet cleaning Medford OR service such as clean tile and carpet, tow trucks, tree service companies and if you need a great limo service in Phoenix, AZ  to name just a few. You can contact them via phone call, personal message on their contact numbers; find their respective agencies on the social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc. Every agency providing all those services provides a toll free number, which you can easily dial on your cell phone and can make your offer. For example if you want to hire carpet cleaners, then simply browse them on the internet using your cellular phone and select your desired agency providing these services, look for their toll free number and the agency will provide you their available employees for the services they offer.

Similarly for hiring a tow truck service, look for profiles of the individuals as well as agencies on the social media. Select the one providing you, your desired tow truck and then click on make an offer on their social tab or just call their toll free number. The same goes with hiring limousines and other automobiles available for hiring in your area. All that feasibility is attributed to cell phone technology. Life has never become so easier before it.tow truck

But the trend of using cellular phones for listening to the latest songs on the music chart has greatly been increased in the current era. Adults and teenagers while travelling on buses, trains and cars tend to have ear phones connected to their cellular phones enabling them to listen what they want to.

Cell phones are also largely used to find directions when the world seems unknown to you. A cellular phone is the best tool for you when you are lost on your way to a new office or new restaurant. That device will provide you the complete address of every destination you want to visit. In the USA, 74% Continue reading “USAGE OF CELL PHONES”

Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Secrets about Cell Phones

Do you really know everything about your cellular phone? Well, most of the people do not. There are a lot of things you must take into account to ensure your cellular phone runs well, and it can be difficult for a person who doesn’t have the right knowledge about cell phones. This article will provide you some great tips and suggestions to make your cellular phone an efficient mode of communication. A really good friend who runs a carpet cleaner business relies heavily on his phone. Some of this article is based on all his years of experience in cell phones and carpet cleaning. His site is at Check him out if you are in that area and need the carpets cleaned.

In some cases, signing a contract for a year or two can be helpful in getting the phone you are looking for. There are some service providers that offer some great prices to the people who have signed up to them for a year or two. But make sure, you read the description of the contract because if at some point in the midst of contract age, you think of ending the contract then it may cost some serious Continue reading “Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Secrets about Cell Phones”

Cell Phone Etiquette 101

You are so excited when you received your new smartphone. The latest addition to the technology that you can have is now in your grasp. You immediately input all of your contacts and play with all the new features available at your fingertips.  It takes time to learn the ins and outs of your new phone. The excitement you have for this new device is hardly contained. You dress it up with the latest phone cover and find the most unique home picture for your home page, to show off to those around you.


Sometimes though the excitement of having a new cell phone can interfere with the necessary and vital manners, which can cause disruption and irritation from those you come in contact with. What are these manners you might ask? Read further to find out ways that you can exhibit proper demeanor and etiquette while using your cell phone.


  • Phone etiquette: It is necessary these days now to have a cell phone. As you drive around you’ll notice payphones are basically nonexistent, almost like a historical landmark if you find what’s left of it. So your cell phone is always on hand for various reasons whether it be emergencies for work. Yet, when is it proper or rude to use your cell phone? Obviously when there is an emergency, you need to answer your phone. What does this section will discuss is circumstances when cell phone users becomes an annoyance. Like for instance in a restaurant, individuals attend to have a meal with another individual. Conversations take place amongst individuals while they enjoy their food. Imagine for a moment that you are having an enjoyable conversation and meal, when all of a sudden you here cell phones ring go off. It is understandable that when we enter in a place such as a restaurant or an office building that we may forget to turn down our cell volume.  But more often than not, individuals feel that they need to have their volume up loud and clear were all in a room are able hear. The very thought of setting your cellphone face up, so that you can see when someone is calling tends to be too much for some of these individuals. It is a lack of etiquette to leave your volume where others are subject to hear, especially when you are at lunch or dinner a lunch meeting and the like. During those occasions cell phone volume should be turned down to a vibration option or silent, so that you are not a distraction or an annoyance to those around you. If you are expecting a call, having your cell phone sitting where you can see when is not very difficult. So if you don’t want dirty looks for the snide comments, then consider this tip as useful and worth heeding so that you can be considered a person with proper manners.

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There are countless varieties of cellular phones available in the market manufactured by different companies and supplied by different suppliers. But are you one of those who just take into account cellular phone’s beauty while purchasing a cellular phone?, well if you are then at one stage you will feel that your cell phone doesn’t support your wallpapers, multiple sim cards, have high ratio of SAR, unable to get automatic updates etc, then at that stage you will repent on your decision as “All that glitters is not Gold”.

For choosing a mobile phone for personal use, first determine Continue reading “THINGS YOU SHOULD TAKE INTO ACCOUNT WHILE PURCHASING A CELLULAR PHONE”


In today’s era, cell phones are the basic necessity of life. Every man and women owns a cell phone for personal use mainly for sending and receiving messages, making calls, watching videos on the internet, access to the social media websites and for various other utilities. Cell phones, now a days have taken the place of wallets, many cell phones offer you the utility to buy stuff on the internet or any other shopping mall or plaza which allows payments via cell phones, as they are directly connected to your bank accounts.

So as the importance of cell phones has so much increased, people tend to customize their cell phones according to their personality and moods. The best way for personalizing a phone in the minds of cell phone users is Continue reading “CELL PHONE WALLPAPERS/SCRREEN SAVERS”


Do you use your smart phone to access social websites? The answer must be yes. While the social media websites have gained the attention of some of the greatest potential users of internet of all time. The usage of cell phones to access social media sites have also increased with that fact. The social media websites mainly include face book, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Some apps like whatsapp, live chat online have also gained the attention of many teenager cell phone users who like to socialize with other people.

Cell phones have provided an easy access to these social links and have connected the larger part of worldwide population on the platforms provided by these social media websites by just one click on your cell phone. You can talk to any person living in the world who is active on these social media websites by using your cell phone internet browser or social media websites apps. You can Continue reading “CELL PHONE USAGE TO ACCESS SOCIAL MEDIA”

Cell Phones

There is no doubt about “how much cell phones have changed our life”, Whether we are at office, college, some market place or living abroad, one thing have kept us together and that thing is certainly cell phones. They are the most efficient way of communications. You can communicate with any person in the world you want by just clicking his/her contact info on cell phone screen, which you usually place in your pocket. What a smart way of communication. No one is far now there are some extra ordinary virtual links established by human beings in the form of cell phone.

Cell phones are certainly a great invention but that technology is not new to us. We all know about the invention of telephone by Graham Bell, and then we have witnessed the first wireless telephone call in about 1900 by Reginald Fessenden. As the time passed, we move from simple radio phones to more advanced cell phone technology. Thanks to AT& T and Motorola for this cause. The major breakthrough in the advancement of cell phone technology is mainly attributed to these two companies.  After that many other companies cashed on to the technology and the major cellular networks were established making cell phones a viable commercial product.  Today, cell phones are not rare to us anymore, almost every man and woman is utilizing this technology for their own needs.

As we praise the technology behind its invention, the best thing the cell phone offers is that you will never feel alone at any time. It has connected us to every person in the world, you can make video calls, can send verbal and non verbal messages, can send greetings to your loved once at special occasions without any need of sitting in front of laptop or computer.

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